So Tumblr…I have to tell you that my roommate…he is sexy…

Really sexy. And also really hipster. Truly hipster. ALL organic food, art pieces everywhere, sweaters and plaid strewn across the floor, shorty short-shorts. AND…supposedly bisexual. I think he’s bi, but a few people think he’s flat-out gay. 

The point is…he’s not making the sexual frustration thing easier. ESPECIALLY WHEN HE SLEEPS IN NOTHING BUT A TOWEL (?) AND WAKES UP AND WALKS INTO THE KITCHEN WITH HIS UNBUTTONED SHIRT SHOWING OFF HIS CHEST AND WEARING SPEEDO-ESQUE UNDERWEAR ASKING ME IN THAT DEEP VOICE OF HIS I’F I’M HUNGRY. IF. I’M. HUNGRY. And our room isn’t that small, but yet he seems to be bending his ass in my face ALL THE TIME. 

This has been a post. You should probably not pay too much attention to it. 

  1. midnightinjapan said: It’s totally going to happen, you know. And when it does, I want details. Also, can you tumble a pic of him?
  2. imartsyrj said: I lllloooovvveee ittttt :)
  3. thatonegingerboy said: picture. now.
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